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#AFLVWest Conference Keynotes



because I said I would.
Alex Sheen | @bcisaidiwould 

because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex began sending promise cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. Since his father’s passing on September 4th, 2012, because I said I would has sent over 9.81M promise cards to more than 150 countries. Alex’s commitment to the betterment of humanity has inspired millions and his promises have been shared virally around the world.

For more about Alex, visit because i said i would.




End Hazing Now
The Piazza, Gruver, Braham, & Kowiak Families

AFLV is a proud partner in the Anti-Hazing Coalition. Through new content and experiences, we continue to engage fraternity/sorority communities in the fight to end hazing. As part of that effort, the Piazza, Gruver, Braham, and Kowiak families will be joining us to tell their stories and call us to action in the fight to end hazing.


For more about the Anti-Hazing Coalition, click here.

The Generation Z Greek Experience
Meghan Grace | @meghanmgrace

With Generation Z making up the majority of the student population within colleges and universities, today's college students are no longer Millennials. So the chapter experiences, processes, and practices that were created for Millennials may no longer resonate with fraternity/sorority members today. More than being different than the Millennials who came before them, Generation Z is ready to take on issues facing their campuses, communities, and the world. Are our organizations supporting Generation Z members and promoting their efforts to make a positive impact on the world?


Learn more about Meghan by visiting Plaid.


High Achiever Land
Lindsay Boccardo | @LndsyBoccardo

You've worked hard to get here. You’ve followed the rules, beat out your peers, stayed up late, tried to help everyone you can. And you’re tired. When you stop moving, you realize you aren’t taking care of yourself. Your motivation starts to dwindle and you wonder why you push so hard. Welcome to High Achiever Land. A place where leaders end up when they’ve put others before themselves for too long. A place where you show up stressed, burned out, and tired. In High Achiever Land, we are comforted by responsibilities. We love having people who look up to us. We love people asking for help. We work hard, we don’t say “no” and we wake up each day with a weight on our shoulders. As soon as we accomplish something, there’s a new hill to climb. Are you prepared to lead and also celebrate your accomplishments in the process?


Learn more about Lindsay by clicking here.


#AFLVWest Conference Game Changers

Friday, April 12

How Women Will End Hazing
Tracy Maxwell | @tracymax

“The world will be saved by the western woman.” - The Dalai Lama, 2009. This session will encourage the natural tendencies of women to utilize transformational leadership to create lasting change. Research is reinforcing what many have known for decades - women are capable of solving some of our most intractable problems, including hazing. Women at the local level can change the face of a community by standing up for their values, and refusing to participate in activities that are mean-spirited, dangerous or demeaning. Early anti-hazing activists were mostly men utilizing masculine-style scare tactics, highlighting legal ramifications and focusing on risk management. As more women have entered the fray, prevention is gaining ground. This approach promotes collaboration, moral development, and human dignity and fosters organizational culture change.


To learn more about Tracy, visit CAMPUSPEAK.


The Hard Alcohol Ban Starts on 9/1. Are You Ready?
Panel Discussion

Over several years, IFCs from around the country have been evaluating their campus culture and working to make their fraternal communities a safer place for members and guests. Some did this in the face of a major tragedy, others simply felt the writing was on the wall and it was time. Those leaders recognized there was a problem on their campus and decided that a significant change was required.


Fast forward to August of 2018, when the 66-member groups of the NIC voted to remove alcohol greater than 15% ABV from all facilities by September 1, 2019. That means that this Fall, over 90% of the fraternity men on your campus will return to school next year with new policies around alcohol at events and alcohol at their facilities. So as new leaders of your IFC or your chapter, what do you do? Where do you start? Join us as we talk through the new alcohol policies, how they will impact the IFC fraternity experience, and how you can best execute on this historic social change.



Saturday, April 13

Using Recruitment to Positively Change Fraternity Culture
Paul Anderson & Eddie Gonnella | @officialsigep

The best companies, organizations, and teams recruit top talent year-round. Fraternities fail to capitalize on this model by recruiting only one or two times a year. This session will discuss the positive impact of year-round recruitment as it relates to member's motivation to join, involvement during their undergraduate years, and how chapter performance data improves. You'll leave with actionable next steps for your campus, IFC, or organization to implement year-round recruitment.


To learn more, contact Paul Anderson.


A Complete Life: Why Mental Health Matters Most
Colleen Coffey | @phiredupcolleen

With a family history of mental health disorders, Colleen Coffey was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and obsessive/compulsive disorder at a young age, but she did not get correct treatment until much later in life. In spite of a high school and college career that included leadership positions, starring roles, and popularity, Colleen silently suffered panic attacks, extreme stress, and feelings of emptiness. In her 20's, she found proper treatment and worked hard to become well and stay well. Colleen has become a widely-sought speaker and consultant, devoted to showing audiences that mental health disorders are often a product of biology or environment, or both, and that recovery is possible, stigma is useless, and everyone holds the power to transform communities. This program chronicles her story of dealing with and surviving mental health issues.


Learn more about Colleen by visiting Active Minds, Inc..


Unmasking Leadership
Rachel DeAlto | @racheldealto

In a world where we all seem to wear a limitless number of masks (or Instagram filters), it is easy to hide behind a false identity. It’s time that we unmask the power of authenticity and vulnerability. Everyone has struggles, insecurities, and flaws. What if we all recognized the power in sharing our truths rather than painting a picture of perfection? The best leaders inspire as they draw from a well of strength and humility that comes from the confidence of being comfortable with oneself – flaws and all. Through this program, you will learn how to connect with others and reach your greatest potential through self-awareness, vulnerability, and confidence in being who you are.


Learn more about Rachel by visiting CAMPUSPEAK.


Sacrificing Our Secrets for Status: Addressing Suicide & Mental Health
Kym Hilinski | @hilinskishope

Tyler Hilinski was the starting quarterback at Washington State University. On the outside, he seemed to have it all. When Tyler died by suicide, it shocked the community and everyone in athletics. As his family dealt with the grief of losing him, they decided to create Hilinski’s Hope, an organization to change the way people learn about mental health. Just like Tyler, many of us have an external life that everyone sees and an internal life filled with pain. In this session, featuring Tyler’s mom, Kym Hilinski, participants will learn about suicide, how to help each other, and the powerful hope that can grow out of devastation.


Learn more by visiting Hilinski's Hope.



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