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Individual Awards

AFLV is proud to offer the following individual recognition opportunities. Applications for the 2018 Award applications are no longer available, but please stay tuned to email and social media for when we launch!


Outstanding Alumnus/a Award

  • Wilford A. Butler Award (to be awarded at AFLV Central)
  • Betty Gilmore Woods Award (to be awarded at AFLV West) 

This award has been established to recognize an outstanding fraternity or sorority alumnus/a volunteer and/or an individual who supports the fraternal movement but is not a campus fraternity/sorority advisor. The recipient of this award exemplifies the fraternal values established by our founders through exceptional ethical leadership that reaches beyond the traditional models. He/she has:

  • Provided sustained service beyond his/her own organization,
  • Demonstrated belief and commitment to the true interfraternal philosophy in their actions, and
  • Fostered positive change to advance the fraternal movement.

A qualified nominee for this award:

  • Exhibits exceptional ethical leadership in daily activities.
  • Consistently and routinely exemplifies the fraternal values established by the founders.
  • Has the courage to reach beyond the traditional models and procedures to accomplish goals.
  • Exhibits a strong belief and commitment in philosophy and action to interfraternalism.
  • Fosters positive change that advances the fraternal movement.
  • The winner of this award has given exceptional and sustained service to his/her own fraternity/sorority and/or campus community and/or the extended Interfraternal world.
Eligibility Requirements
  • The nominee does not have to be a member of an inter/national organization.
  • The nominee, if a member of an inter/national organization, must be in good standing with that organization.
  • The nominee must have given sustained service of five or more years.


The Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Professional Award

  • Steven B. Dealph Award (to be awarded at AFLV Central)
  • Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Advisor (to be awarded at AFLV West) 

The purpose of this award is to recognize a campus-based fraternity or sorority professional advisor who exemplifies not only the ideals of the profession, but also the core fraternal values of the organizations with which the advisor works. Two professionals will be recognized; one from the Central region and one from the Western region. Honor your fraternity/sorority advisor by nominating them for this important and prestigious award.


A qualified nominee for this award:

  • Teaches students to make appropriate decisions.
  • Consistently and routinely demonstrates exceptional ethical leadership.
  • Encourages change that will ensure the long-term success of the community.
  • Implements the mission of the university into the daily activities and programs.
  • Is consistently, instinctively, and routinely inclusive and collaborative.
  • Is visionary and strategic in planning and advising the community.
  • Utilizes creative problem solving.
  • Implements an expectation of the highest standards within the community in areas that include, but are not limited to: behavior, academics, service, interfraternalism and values.
Eligibility Requirements
  • The nominee must have been in the profession for a minimum of three years and two of those years at the current institution.
  • The nominee must be recognized as a (campus advisor) by the university and/or the fraternity/sorority community.
  • Nominations MUST be made by an undergraduate student.
  • A professional is only able to win this award once.


The Fraternal Values Award: Outstanding Undergraduate

  • Wayne S. Colvin Award (to be awarded at AFLV Central)
  • Marilyn Fordham Award (to be awarded at AFLV West)

The purpose of this award is to recognize an undergraduate fraternity/sorority chapter or council leader who not only lives the fraternal values, but has incorporated those values into positive change within his/her organization, the council(s), the fraternity/sorority, multicultural community and/or the campus at large.


The nominee has excelled at helping their organization or community go above and beyond to establish fraternal values that are woven into multiple facets of their job responsibilities and duties. The nominee has affected the intellectual development of their peers, instilled values in their organization and host institution, has encouraged their peers to develop leadership skills and abilities, works diligently to build positive relationships within their chapter/Greek community and provided opportunities for their peers to be contributing citizens in the community in which they reside. The nominee is passionate about programming activities rooted in values in their chapter, council and/or on campus. The nominee is someone who not only holds their peers to these high expectations, but also holds themselves accountable to the values and standards established by the founders


The winner of the Fraternal Values Award is (has been) a full-time undergraduate member of a fraternity or sorority who:

  • Practices ethical leadership.
  • Lives his/her fraternal values.
  • Fosters high ideals and standards among his/her peers.
  • Exhibits a collaborative interfraternal spirit.
  • Represents an expectation of the highest standards within the community in areas that include, but are not limited to: behavior, academics, service, interfraternalism and values.
Eligibility Requirements
  • The nominee must be a member of a fraternity/sorority and in good standing with the chapter, council and the national organization of his/her fraternity/sorority. His/her chapter must also be in good standing with its respective council.
  • The nominee must be/have been enrolled as a full-time student (twelve or more hours) for the previous two terms.
  • During the past two terms, the nominee has maintained a grade point average above the all men or women and/or the all fraternity or sorority grade point average, whichever is highest.
  • Students who graduated in December 2016 are eligible for this award.


Award Selection Procedure

  • Applications must be complete in one sitting with all questions answered and necessary supporting documents included.  
  • Applications will be reviewed, and final selection made, by a committee appointed by AFLV. Decisions of the AFLV awards committee will be final.
  • Applications that are not received on time, do not follow the instructions, and/or comply with the eligibility and/or do not meet the criteria may not be reviewed.
  • The awards will be presented at the Awards Banquets during the CFL/NBGLC and WFL/NCGLC leadership conferences.
  • One recipient will be chosen for each region. It is the hope of AFLV and the awards committee that the recipient will attend the banquet.
  • Please direct questions to Lindsay Stoltz, Student Experience Director.
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