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#AFLVCentral Conference Keynotes

Fraternity. Sorority. Humanity.
Matt Mattson & Special Guests | @PhiredUp | Alpha Sigma Phi

There is something so stunningly and exasperatingly human about fraternities and sororities. Our organizations are somehow centuries strong yet fragile enough to crumble at any moment. Our histories are full of triumphant stories yet mostly made of regular, everyday, forgettable-to-the-history-books, plain old college students. Our organizations are complicated, just like us. Our organizations are filled with drama, just like us. Our organizations are beautiful, just like us. Our organizations are powerful, just like us. Our organizations are difficult to understand, torturously messed up, and intrinsically flawed just like us. Fraternities and sororities are so damn human, aren’t they? So, it begs the question, why do we do so many inhuman things? Our best strategy for the longevity of our organizations might just be to focus all our energy … not on better events, better programs, better themes, better initiatives, or better policies … but instead on better human-to-human interactions. We have to bring the humanity back into fraternity and sorority.  

For more about Matt, visit Phired Up Productions. Or, read more about humanity in the fraternity/sorority experience here.


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because I said I would.
Alex Sheen | @bcisaidiwould 

because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex began sending promise cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. Since his father’s passing on September 4th, 2012, because I said I would has sent over 9.81M promise cards to more than 150 countries. Alex’s commitment to the betterment of humanity has inspired millions and his promises have been shared virally around the world.

For more about Alex, visit because i said i would.




End Hazing Now
The Piazza, Gruver, & Braham Families

AFLV is a proud partner in the Anti-Hazing Coalition. Through new content and experiences, we continue to engage fraternity/sorority communities in the fight to end hazing. As part of that effort, the Piazza, Gruver, and Braham families will be joining us to tell their stories and call us to action in the fight to end hazing.


For more about the Anti-Hazing Coalition, click here.

What the Fear? Being Fearless While Greek
Darryl Bellamy Jr. | @bellamyinspires | Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

With a collection of over 7K, Darryl has amassed the most extensive collection of written fears from students, many from fraternity/sorority leaders around the country. When he first started collecting them from students, he was taken aback by the vulnerability, self-awareness, and rawness of students’ written concerns. What the Fear? acknowledges that fraternity/sorority members do great things on their campuses, but the keynote also challenges communities to do more to create a culture of pushing through comfort to speak up and make courageous moves for their organizations, campus communities, and their own lives.


By learning The Fearless Formula, students will leave feeling energized and inspired to create a lasting legacy, challenge the status-quo on their campuses, and lead in spite of fear. They will also receive a special gift used by thousands of students to push through fear long after leaving AFLV!


Learn more about Darryl by visiting CAMPUSPEAK.


#AFLVCentral Conference Game Changers

 Friday, February 8

Black Greeks for Black Lives: The Role of BGLOs in Racial Justice Work
Aleidra Allen | @klassy_lei | Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

As we live through the movement for Black lives and racial (in)justice continues to be a daily point of discussion, some have asked: how are Black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) contributing to the movement? The founding of each of these organizations was a revolutionary act, and many of the organizations’ most notable members were activists and advocates for social change. But what will be the legacy of BGLOs in this current movement? Are our members, chapters, and organizations engaged? Should we be or shouldn't we? What can we do? 

If you have thought about any of these questions, come hear Aleidra Allen, creator of the Black Greeks for Black Lives (BG4BL) campaign, share her perspective on the role of BGLOs in social justice movements, and how BGLOs can be advocates for racial justice through both shifting their internal culture, and getting involved in external efforts.

To learn more about Aleidra, click here.


Collaboration Over Competition
Alexa Carlin | @AlexaRoseCarlin

Let’s be honest, being confident is hard. Think back to the last time you felt most confident. What were you doing, who were you with, what do you think impacted your level of confidence? In today’s society, it’s so easy to fall into the comparison mindset. Sorority women are inundated with messages and the pressure to be perfect that it can become paralyzing and create an unhealthy competitive environment.


As the founder of the largest event for female Change Leaders, Alexa has discovered that the key to success is empowering women to collaborate versus compete. In order to achieve this in your organization, leaders must first develop their own self-confidence. This program will help you create a collaborative and inclusive sorority environment, while offering you tools to develop your own confidence and learn how to break through the fear holding you back from becoming an authentic leader.


Learn more about Alexa by visiting CAMPUSPEAK.


Work in Progress: Men
James Robilotta | @JamesTRobo | Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

Men, 2017 and 2018 have been illuminating and important years for us. In your past when you were challenged what was your response? Did you get defensive? Did you make excuses? Did you try to shift blame? Did you listen? Did you seek to understand? It’s time to be reflective and not just reactive. Men we have a choice to make: are we going to be cool or are we going to be great? In this program we will laugh at ourselves while analyzing deep topics such as fear, coping mechanisms, and love. Specifically we will discuss how our new member processes and our brotherhood are helping and hurting our progress. We are not where we need to be yet, men. Do you have courage to join me in putting in the work?


Learn more about James by visiting CAMPUSPEAK.


The Drunk Feminist
Lori Hart | @DrLoriHart | Alpha Omicron Pi

Let’s talk about being a feminist. Let’s talk about being drunk. Let’s talk about the intersection. About the time many of our founders were creating our organizations, the term “feminism” actually appeared in the late 1880s. Our founders were the first feminists and they possibly had never heard of the term. Today women, including sorority women, have potential to do anything. We can vote, we out earn men, we can go to the moon. We can be feminists. We can also drink…a lot. This keynote will intersect the ideas of feminism and alcohol. This is a conversation around biology, leadership, respect for policy, and a belief that sorority women can change the world.


Learn more about Lori by visiting The Catalyst Agency.


Take a Stand: A New Way to Have the Sexual Assault Conversation
Bonny Shade | @BonnyShadeBB Zeta Tau Alpha
Tim Mousseau|@TimMousseauSigma Chi

From sexual assault survivors to thought leaders, come listen to two industry experts lead an innovative conversation on how our campuses can help move the needle on this critical topic. Even with their different experiences as survivors, both Bonny and Tim have the commonality of overcoming their traumas and are using their stories as a way to help and educate others. In this thought-provoking and vulnerable conversation, Bonny and Tim will couple personal experience with research and stories to educate on the topics of consent, providing survivors the proper support, and gaining a better understanding of the root causes of sexual violence. It took them both years to process what happened to them and gave them each a new identity: survivor. Come learn how you can use your identity -fraternity/sorority member, survivor, leader, or ally -to put an end to assault.


Learn more about Bonny at ForCollegeForLife and more about Tim at CAMPUSPEAK.



Saturday February 9


Friendship in the Age of Hate
Michelle Guobadia | @MGSpeaksUP Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Steve Whitby |@stevewhitbyPi Kappa Phi Fraternity

It may seem that civil discourse and open community conversations have nearly disappeared, but they haven’t. It is possible to have honest conversations about our lives, our challenges, our politics, and our histories without giving up in disgust or frustration, but it takes work and care. If we believe that all human beings *are truly created equal* and have worth, then civility is an obligation to act in ways that honor that belief. This program is built to lead you into rewarding relationships that allow for beautiful conversations.


Learn more about Michelle & Steve by visiting The Catalyst Agency.


Cooling Burning Sands: The Evolution of Hazing, Pledging and Intake in D9 + MGC orgs
Rasheed Ali Cromwell | @sheedyali | Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Paper v. Pledge. Process v. Performance. Passion v. Purpose. Clearly, the proverbial “elephant in the room” which all culturally-based fraternal organizations (CBFOs) must confront is their new membership process. A long history of increasingly violent behavior eventually led to a 1990 elimination of a sanctioned pledge process in National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations. Irrespective of the new member change, underground pledging activities has been the basis for numerous deaths and countless physical injuries. This problem was compounded with the release of the movie Burning Sands. This highly interactive and engaging session confronts these harsh realities by creatively incorporating and blending, history, audience participation, African traditions and its connections to LatinX and Multicultural Greeks and the mass media’s influences through pop culture. Finally, the presenter outlines short term and long term solutions that members can do curb this destructive behavior, break the systemic cycle and change the culture of hazing.


Learn more about Rasheed by visiting The Habor Institute.


Brotherhood & Sisterhood: The Power of Belonging
Gentry McCreary | @DoctorGentry | Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

What is the one trait that the best fraternity and sorority chapters in North America all share? The answer may surprise you. Chapters that have members who feel the greatest sense of belonging share a number of things in common. They are the most satisfied with their membership experience. They have the strongest sense of commitment to their chapters. They have the strongest feelings of love for their brothers and sisters. And they are more likely to remain active, contributing members throughout their four years of membership and beyond. The best chapters in the country are those who instill the greatest sense of belonging among their members. Using a mixture of research, personal anecdotes, and powerful stories, this inspiring program will give fraternity and sorority members a new framework for creating powerful and meaningful connections within their chapters.


Learn more about Gentry by visiting Dyad Strategies.


The Hard Alcohol Ban Starts on 9/1. Are You Ready?
Panel Discussion

Over the several years, IFCs from around the country have been evaluating their campus culture and working to make their fraternal communities a safer place for members and guests. Some did this in the face of a major tragedy, others simply felt the writing was on the wall and it was time. Those leaders recognized there was a problem on their campus and decided that a significant change was required.


Fast forward to August of 2018, when the 66-member groups of the NIC voted to remove alcohol greater than 15% ABV from all facilities by September 1, 2019. That means that this next Fall, over 90% of the fraternity men on your campus will return to school next year with new policies around alcohol at events and alcohol at their facilities. So as new leaders of your IFC or your chapter, what do you do? Where do you start? Join us as we talk through the new alcohol policies, how they will impact the IFC fraternity experience, and how you can best execute on this historic social change.


This panel-style discussion will be represented by the North-American Interfraternity Conference, fraternity executive directors, fraternity/sorority advisors, and local student leaders.


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