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What is FVS?

So, you've heard a little bit about The Fraternal Values Society, but what is FVS exactly?



  • Student-driven: This is organization, at its roots, was started by students, and that isn't something we ever want to see get lost.
  • Based on action: We have the conversations all the time of "What if our fraternity did ..." or "What about if we tried this in our sororities ..." or "What if our community could ..." The goal of FVS is get beyond the what if's and only if's and equip members to move from conversation to action.
  • Personalized to the campus: Every campus is different. There will be recommendations that may or may not really connect with your community's needs. And, that is perfectly okay. FVS is versatile in the way that action can happen on every campus, but the direction you head with those actions will vary.
  • Any student can start it: You don't have to be the president of a council or chapter. FVS is meant for and fraternity or sorority student who feels a call to action.
  • Catalyst to achieving your goals: Whether it is community-wide initiatives or personal goals, FVS is designed to provide a community organizing lens on how to meet the needs of individual members, the fraternal community, campus, and beyond.

FVS Is Not:

  • An honor society: FVS was established to be a place where fraternity and sorority members take action. The goal of FVS is not to recognize those who have already accomplished something but rather to provide a network of support to fraternity and sorority members to go out and do something great.
  • A replacement for councils: While ideas from a FVS chapter may bring collaboration with governing councils, it doesn't hold the purpose to be the governing board, judicial committee, or replacing the role these groups provide on campuses.
  • A convening organization for positional leaders: You have probably seen positional leaders, someone with a title but ineffective at their job. It is the belief of FVS that just because you have a position doesn't mean you are specially capable of making a difference. Every member has potential to impact his or her community - FVS is established to give those who want to realize that potential a home.
  • Just another thing to add to your plate: You have goals, right? Consider FVS to be the mechanism to help you reach your goals. Whether it is to move fraternal values forward on your campus, accomplish a personal goal, or do something big to leave a legacy in your chapter, you would want to accomplish those things no matter what. FVS is a place with people and resources to help you get there.
  • Must be started by a fraternity/sorority advisor: While the campus-based professional can be a tremendous asset to supporting a FVS chapter, the intent is for the organization to be run by and for students.
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