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#AFLVCentral Conference Keynotes

Creating a “Yes, And” Team Culture
Galen Emanuele | @shiftyes 

As an international keynote speaker, Galen Emanuele works with teams and organizations around the globe including Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, CBRE, and Shell, transforming the way people interact and communicate. Galen’s captivating programs teach teams how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to improve communication, team performance, and create an intentional culture of high-level engagement.

In this keynote, he'll highlight the best practices of self-management, collaboration, responsibility, openness to change, and effective communication to foster productive and high-performing teams. Through thought-provoking activities aimed at enhancing leadership, building cohesive team cultures, and navigating conflict you'll come away with actionable skills and tools to change the way approach leadership.

For more about Galen visit Shift Yes.

This session is sponsored by CrowdChange.



Blackballed: A Lecture on Campus Racism
Lawrence Ross | @alpha1906

Racism and college students. Every year, whether via racist social media posts, or wearing blackface at “Crips & Bloods” Halloween parties, racism on campus has a detrimental effect not only to minority students, but also on the white students who perpetuate it. This lecture on campus racism is a frank look at how a legacy of white racial supremacy in the United States led to incidents like fraternity members singing about lynching black people, the events in Charlottesville, VA, and other examples of racism that have occurred on college campuses.

This program operates under the premise that you’re not responsible for your actions if you’re ignorant of why something is racist. However, you are responsible if you do understand, and you do the racist act anyway…or if you remain quiet. As a result, fraternity and sorority members at AFLV will learn about their own organization’s legacy of racism, while getting a call to action to change that legacy to being anti-racist. The choice is your's.


For more about Lawrence, visit his website here.



It's On Us to Stop Sexual Assault
Vice President Biden | @JoeBiden

In this keynote, Vice President Joe Biden will engage conference attendees in a frank conversation about sexual assault on college campuses and the ongoing prevention work being done through the It’s On Us campaign, which he helped launch in 2014 while serving as Vice President. He continues to lead the movement to end sexual violence through continued advocacy for the It’s On Us campaign, and through his work at the Biden Foundation.


The It’s On Us campaign challenges college campus communities to step up and make a pledge to end sexual violence on campus. The campaign combines innovative creative content and grassroots organizing techniques to spark action on a national and local level. AFLV is one of twelve founding organizations involved in the It’s On Us Greek Leadership Council that launched in 2017.


Learn more by visiting It's On Us and the Biden Foundation.


Better Fraternity; Better You
Lori Hart | @drlorihart

At a time when people are calling for a "culture change" in the fraternity and sorority community, it's hard for student leaders to figure out exactly how to fix the issues or understand the complexity of the problems. What are we really trying to change? Why does change feel so difficult within our communities? How do we create a better fraternity and sorority experience?

The answers to these questions might be simpler than we believe. Until we engage and challenge the members to higher expectations, we cannot expect our communities to improve. This keynote will be interactive, fun, focused on research and theory and provide participants with a whole different way of thinking. We can create better communities, but the change starts with YOU.

To learn more about Lori, visit The Catalyst Agency.


#AFLVCentral Conference Game Changers

 Friday, February 9, 2018 

All We Do is Step & Stroll? What is a Black Greek?
Friday Ed Block 2 | Rasheed Ali Cromwell, Esq. | @sheedyali

African-American Collegiate Greek-Letter Fraternities and Sororities boast a rich legacy. Unfortunately, undergraduate collegiate members often hold misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the purpose, mission, and history of their beloved organizations.


"All We Do is Step and Stroll?" is an interactive, innovative, fun, engaging and campus-wide educational session that dispels these stereotypes. The session also offers practical short-term and long-term solutions for both Divine Nine members and non-members to positively change the expectation and culture related to these organizations


To learn more about Rasheed, visit The Harbor Institute.


Telling the Story of Sorority
Friday Ed Block 2 | KJ McNamara | @KJMcNamara

Tell me about your sorority! (How would your members respond?) Talking about our organizations, the stuff we do, and the commitments and expectations of membership are an important part of getting women to join our sororities.


In this session from the recruitment experts at Phired Up, participants will learn to prepare their sorority members with compelling, emotional, and inspirational methods of communicating the value and values of their organization to potential members. Members need confidence and poise when they talk about their organization, and more than that, they need to emotionally connect with potential members and help those potential members imagine themselves as part of the chapter. Further, members need to know how to handle the most common concerns PNMs have about joining. There are proven ways to do this effectively, and this session will reveal those secrets.


To learn more about KJ, visit Phired Up Productions.


Leading Imperfectly: The Value of Being Authentic for Fraternity/Sorority Leaders
Friday Ed Block 3 | James Robilotta | @JamesTRobo

Oh boy, another speech on leadership. Instead of waiting for the same cliché leadership lessons, it's time to be different. Let’s talk about who you are personally as a leader. As humans, we can’t learn things from people who are perfect, we can only learn things from people who are imperfect. So, it is time to own who you are so you can be real to others and lead through your faults.


This deep, but hysterical, keynote will leave you feeling introspective about the person you show to others. It will show you how being more authentic actually inspires open communication, forms tighter bonds, and causes members to be more engaged. We need to talk about you before we can talk about us, so let’s discuss where you struggle and succeed to make you a more efficient and effective authentic leader for your council and chapter.


To learn more about James, visit CAMPUSPEAK.


Better Friends, Better Sisters, Better Women
Friday Ed Block 3 | Tina VanSteenbergen | @TinaRaeVan

Joining a sorority changes our lives in many ways. Most importantly, sorority fosters genuine, meaningful friendships with other women. Before sorority, Tina was unaware of the power of true, authentic friendship with women. She soon learned that sorority, and all the lifelong friendships she would build because of it, would change her life.


However, in the midst of these deep friendships lives the truth of “girl” culture. We talk behind each others’ backs. We choose jealousy and resentment over support and love. We compete instead of congratulate. One of the real challenges in sorority leadership is acknowledging some of our less-productive impulses and tactics and using our leadership talents to steer our way to better relationships and better solutions. Tina will help you learn and practice how to unpack the true power of friendships with women, and choose to be better friends, better sisters, and better women.


To learn more about Tina, visit ForCollegeForLife.


Inspire Not Require
Friday Ed Block 4 | Jess Ekstrom | @jess_ekstrom

Has community service become a requirement? Something we have to do to please those evaluating us? From college applications to campus awards, so many students are engaging in service projects within their organizations. But, are they really making the connection to the good work they are doing?


In this keynote, Jess Ekstrom encourages student leaders to “redefine philanthropy” from a requirement to a lifestyle. “We’re so worried about crossing philanthropy and service requirements off our list that we forget the purpose behind it."


As founder of Headbands of Hope, Jess has learned the amazing power of service – changing thousands of children’s lives. She understands that service often means doing grunt work, but she knows how a connection to those who are served makes all of it extremely worthwhile. This program will encourage students to make a stronger connection between their service activities and the ethics of service.


To learn more about Jess, visit CAMPUSPEAK.


A NPHC Call to Action: Are You Here for Letters or Cardinal Principles?

Friday Ed Block 4 | Titus O'Neil | @TitusONeilWWE

Titus O'Neil is a WWE superstar. Before his wrestling fame, he played football for the University of Florida and the Jacksonville Jaguars. While at the University of Florida, Titus was initiated as a brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. In this Game Changer session, Titus will draw upon his career and fraternal experiences.


To learn more about Titus, visit the WWE.

Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves
Friday Ed Block 5 | Annalise Sinclair | @annnnnnalise

Fraternity and sorority life tends to get a bad rap. From newsfeeds to newspaper pages and images on television media outlets, we are portrayed as being filled with hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and plain stupidity. Too often our members believe “that stuff” will never happen to us, or worse, it will only happen to another chapter or organization. This leads to a false sense of invincibility and poor decision making. By exploring the myths (and realties) surrounding fraternities and sororities, Annalise opens the door for honest conversation regarding the future of our Greek communities and how individual members can impact on our organizations in a positive way. By moving beyond the stereotypes, myths, and assumptions, our members are able to more readily address the ‘big picture’ problems, thus leading to strong chapters and communities.


To learn more about Annalise, visit ForCollegeForLife.


Make Every Day Matter
Ed Block 5 | Vince Fabra | @vincefabra

Our community is not afraid to dream big. However, there are challenges that pop-up each day requiring our immediate attention. It becomes difficult to focus on the big picture and truly change the culture of a campus/organization when we are putting out fires on a daily basis. Our bold dreams and resolutions begin the year as top priorities, only to fall further down the list with each passing day. In order to proactively impact our communities while simultaneously reacting to unforeseen problems, we must think differently when it comes to goal setting. In this program, participants will identify professional and personal dreams for the next year and create processes and routines for themselves in order to make every day matter.


For more about Vince, visit The Catalyst Agency.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up: A Panel on Civic Engagement in 2018
Saturday Ed Block 6 | Carolyn DeWitt, President, Rock the Vote & Ben Brown, Founder/CEO, Association of Young Americans

2018 is another big year for our country! A lot of important issues that affect you and fellow college students are being discussed and decided on. Come to this session to learn more about the issues, the upcoming mid-term elections, and how you can support civic engagement & voter registration in your fraternity/sorority communities. Your generation has an opportunity to wield a lot of influence over how these important decisions will be made. Will you show up?


To learn more, visit Rock the Vote and Association of Young Americans.


What We've Learned So Far: A Panel Conversation About Campus Suspensions
Saturday Ed Block 7 | Sarah Cohen, Indiana University, Chris Graham, Florida State University, & Jud Horras, North-American Interfraternity Conference

As we look at the last few months, several fraternity/sorority communities, including schools like Indiana University and Florida State University, have responded to incidents involving high-risk behavior involving substance abuse and alcohol with campus-wide actions and suspensions. Has this happened on your campus? Do you think it might in the future? Join us to learn about the work being done within the IU and FSU fraternity/sorority communities in response to these situations and take part in a direct, honest conversation about these community-wide actions, the behaviors that are causing these types of responses, and how these actions impact all fraternities/sororities, not just those represented in IFC and College Panhellenic.


Black Student Activism: From Black Power to Black Lives Matter
Saturday Ed Block 8 | Melina Abdullah, Ph.D. | @DocMellyMel

Black student activism has been an integral part of Black liberation struggle historically and in the contemporary period. This conversation will focus specifically on the history, parallels, and imperative of Black student activism in the Black Power and Black Lives Matter eras.


Melina Abdullah is Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Southern California in Political Science and her B.A. from Howard University in African American Studies. In addition, she was among the original group of organizers that convened to form Black Lives Matter and continues to serve as a Los Angeles chapter lead and contributes to the national leadership. Melina is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


To learn more about Melina, click here. Or, learn more about Black Lives Matter.


Conversations That Matter
Saturday Ed Block 8 | Jess Pettitt | @jesspettitt

Let’s face it: there are people and topics that at some point are just off limits. You just can’t do it or them right now. Even worse, often it is a difficult topic that you have to bring up with a difficult person. What if you could engage in these conversations with more confidence, humor, and ease? No matter the person or topic, you are your best tool for conversations that matter.


Understanding yourself and others as differently right gives you the tools to intentionally design teams, groups, and partnerships that can bring value to a single project or topic. We are all frustrating to someone, and at times even to ourselves. Once you know who and how you are, you can reclaim responsibility for these behavior response patterns and leave room for others to do the same. Before you know it, you are having better conversations with those around you.


To learn more about Jess, visit Good Enough Now.

Turn it to 11: Amplifying your Conference Learning
Ed Block 8-9 | Brittany Barnes | @GreeksRISE

The conference experience encompasses a significant volume of learning in little time, with non-stop sessions, conversations, and brainstorming on how to best lead your community. Being on the go sometimes leaves little time for us to process these questions: “What will I do with this new information and skill? Where do I start? Are my fellow officers with me? How am I different than I was 3 days ago and what does that mean for when I return to my home community?” This session will move you past analysis paralysis, help identify concrete priorities and next steps, and reflect on the human component of leading your organization/ community. Let us work together to make sound out of the noise and amplify your message for the rest of your term!


For more about Brittany, visit Rise Partnerships.


A Night to Forget: The Intersection of Blackouts and Sex
Ed Block 9 | Dan Faill | @danfaill

Sometimes our members think they are invincible. They go out with the intention of blacking out, but what happens when they don't remember the night before? How does alcohol impact the ability for a person to give consent? Listen to a real life story of the presenter as he takes you through his college nights of fun, nights of mischief, and one night to forget.


In this session, participants will learn what consent is and the impact that alcohol has on the ability for one to give consent. Participants will also become more familiar with the definitions of sexual/interpersonal misconduct, and will leave with statistics that affect collegians around blackouts, sexual assault, and consent. In addition, participants will better understand how alcohol affects the body and memory functions.


For more about Dan, visit CAMPUSPEAK.


Because of Fraternity
Ed Block 9 | Jay Harris | @JayHarrisESPN

We have all heard the cliché that “fraternity changed my life,” but for Jay Harris, it really did.  In his signature program, Because of Fraternity, he recounts how his membership in a fraternal organization was essential to his success.  From the sorority scholarship he got when he became an undergrad to his chapter brother giving him his first job in journalism, Jay knows fraternity has made a difference in his journey. In this thoughtful program, highlighted by Jay’s humor and wit, he not only recounts how his life has been bettered by fraternity but also encourages and challenges current members to see how their experiences are influenced and impacted by all those who wear letters. 


For more about Jay, visit ForCollegeForLife.

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