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AFLV West Speakers

All Leadership Is Social

Opening Keynote
Phired Up Productions |

As we fall more in love with our cell phones and Tumblr, our personal, human, face-to-face relationships are suffering. Yet, our ability to be more “social” and our ability to connect deeply with others defines our fraternal experience and our ability to lead our brothers and sisters. Social fraternities and sororities are perfectly designed and positioned to breed the world’s greatest “social” leaders.

Fraternities and sororities need "social" leaders now more than ever. “Social Excellence” is the most important factor leading to success in life, business, relationships, and fraternity and sorority. By embracing the social component of our organizations rather than downplaying it, fraternities and sororities can move beyond relevance and become deeply significant and valuable to our host institutions, local community, and to the world. Your ability to lead will be greatly defined by your ability to be more social.


To learn more, contact visit Phired Up Productions.

Be a Dream Maker: Your Role in Making Fraternity and Sorority Life Great

Friday Keynote
Michelle Guobadia | 

So, now that you’re in a fraternity or sorority, life is great, right? But have you ever stopped to consider how your role in your chapter is making it truly great? Or worse, could your behavior be destroying it?

In her typical candid style, Michelle provides a wake-up call to those fraternity and sorority members who are coasting on their status or who are senselessly participating in destructive behavior, like hazing, abusive drinking, assault and poor academics.


To learn more, contact Michelle at The Catalyst Agency.

On The Shoulders Of Giants: Living A Life That Matters
Saturday Keynote
Will Keim 

As fraternity and sorority members, we stand on the shoulders of our Founding Fathers and Mothers and our brothers and sisters that have gone before us. This program will reveal some of the brave members and life-changing decisions that set the table for our success. The program will connect our past and present with an eye on our future growth and development as chapters and individuals. The presenters offer the unique perspectives of a father and daughter, initiated into the Greek community 30 years apart.

Attendees will learn the keys to success of living a life that matters in a beautifully diverse and multicultural world. Greek Life is more relevant today than it has ever been and participants will leave the program aware of their noble past, mindful of their present opportunities, and prepared to face an uncertain future with the same integrity, courage, and vision of their founding members.


For more about Will, visit Will Keim Speaks!, Inc.

How To Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty
Closing Keynote
Parvati Shallow | @parvatishallow

College students stand at the edge of forming their adult identities and lives. At this stage, questions about what's to come far outnumber answers. Fear of the unknown can be crippling to students who are unsure of their next steps.

Parvati has learned that developing the ability to handle an unknown future with both intuition and courage is a skill. With the right tools, any student can learn how to relax and confidently face uncertainty without getting caught up in fear and anxiety.

In her keynote "How to Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty," Parvati helps students understand the importance of focusing on the things that go right in life. Through inspiring, personal stories of both success and failure, Parvati helps students learn to take courageous action, listen to their own inner guidance and understand that they only need one thing to go right in order to move forward to the next.


For more about Parvati, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Featured Entertainment

The Hunting Ground
Thursday Feature Film 

This documentary is a startling exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups and the devastating toll they take on students and their families. Weaving together footage and first-person testimonies, the film follows the lives of several undergraduate assault survivors as they attempt to pursue (despite incredible push back, harassment, and traumatic aftermath) both their education and justice.


For more about this film, visit their website.

Farrow Method - Memory, Focus and Speed Learning Skills
Thursday Night Entertainment
Dave Farrow | @TotalRecallMan

The Farrow Method for Memory and Focus Improvement, Speed Learning and Self-directed Learning is a brain-based system unlike any other, and it was created by Guinness World Record holder for Greatest Memory Dave Farrow to overcome his own ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning Challenges.


Using the Farrow Method, Dave will take failing students and make them pass, take passing students and make them soar. Simple, fun and effective learning strategies from the Farrow Method help students remember more in less time, with greater ease, and without repetition. You'll be able to study better, ace tests, and turn your life around for lasting success!


To learn more, contact Dave via email.


Friday's Featured Speakers

Buy In or Get Out
David Stollman | @David_Stollman

Too often, good leaders and good chapters are not able to succeed because they are too busy cleaning up after the ones that don’t get it. Fixing their problems or fighting their negative image. Imagine how much more we could accomplish if they were part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

David will say what you wish you could. Let him confront them in his funny, interactive and moving style. His message will inspire those that want to care about the core values of Fraternity and Sorority Life: fellowship, service, leadership and scholarship. He will challenge your members to embrace the best and get rid of the rest. It will touch on topics that range across all major issues facing communities across North America today.



For more about David, visit CAMPUSPEAK.


What My Second Grade Girlfriend Taught Me About Leadership

Sam Davidson | @samdavidson

While in elementary school, Sam Davidson learned enough life lessons to help him get to where he is today. A leading advocate of Social Entrepreneurship and servant leadership, Sam understands student leaders have a core story to tell. He offers practical tips to grow a following, shape an organization, and recruit others to care about their passions.

Funny stories from second grade shape the core ideas for Sam’s discussion of values-based leadership, and students leave more confident about their abilities to make an impact on their campus and community. Hilarious and meaningful, this keynote leaves everyone inspired to start their own projects and make their campus (and world) a better place.


For more about Sam, visit The Catalyst Agency.

You Can’t Be Kinda Committed: Why Values are Critical to Recruitment Success
Kristen Hadeed | @KristenHadeed

All fraternities and sororities want the best members in their chapters, but asking the right questions to determine what “best” truly means can be tough. Asking questions like: “If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?” or “What is your favorite food?” tell you nothing about the true character of a potential member. Instead, we should be asking questions that reveal whether or not a member is committed to personal and academic success. Are they loyal? Will they always act with integrity? Are they determined and passionate about leaving behind a legacy? Imagine how different our campuses, communities, and our world would be if all of our members were this way.


To learn more, contact Kristen at CAMPUSPEAK.

Saturday's Featured Speakers

When Fraternity Really Matters
Jeremy Poincenot | @JeremyPoincenot

Jeremy Poincenot inspires students with a story of how a brother changed his life. After suddenly losing his eyesight in college due to a hereditary disease, Jeremy was rescued from despair by his fraternity brothers who rallied around him, helped him cope with his new reality, and gave him hope. “Some blind people get a seeing-eye dog,” Jeremy jokes. “I got a fraternity house full of seeing-eye brothers.”

In a world where we are surrounded by negative stories about fraternity and sorority life, Jeremy offers a true story that speaks to the awesome potential of brotherhood. He believes this commitment, caring, and support was only possible through the fraternity relationship. We spend so much of our lives caring about ourselves, but sometimes the commitment you’ve made to others unexpectedly gives you a chance to make a difference.


For more about Jeremy, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

#DareYourself to Eat the Eyeball: How to be a Global Leader

Hilary Corna | @HilaryCorna

Seen on ForbesWoman, TEDx, and formerly a Senior Executive Officer with Toyota, Hilary Corna delivers a one-a-kind, authentic, and interactive message designed to increase engagement by daring students to lead. During the past decade, more than 30,000 students have experienced Hilary’s program at leadership conferences, orientations, first-year programs and more. She dares campus cultures to develop individually responsible global leaders, a relevant subject when preparing students for today’s ever-changing work environment.

You can expect real conversations and students deciding to turn thoughts into action on campus by getting involved! Hilary outlines 5 universal leadership approaches based on her work abroad and pragmatic tools for how students can apply them in college. This cultivates premiere leadership skills and fosters an intrinsic motivation to defy their comfort zone and take on leadership roles in campus activities, community service, and other organizations. Are you ready to #DareYourself? 


For more about Hilary, visit her website.


Authentic Leadership
Shaun Sperling

At a very young age, Shaun learned the most important lesson of leadership: in order to be effective, you have to be yourself. Through hilarious stories and engaging anecdotes, Shaun helps student leaders uncover the many layers that hide their truths to help them achieve their greatest potential and become stronger leaders. Only when you are able to lead with authenticity, can you truly inspire your brothers and sisters, chapters and counsels.

In this program, Shaun focuses on how by being yourself, leaders can empower their members, improve recruitment, increase retention, participate more meaningfully in philanthropy and ultimately inspire members to live their core values.


For more about Shaun, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

What Do You Really Want?
Amber Krysz

What do you really want? When was the last time you asked yourself that question about you or your organization? And, more importantly, why do you want it? Do you want to ace your exams just for the A? Do you want to lose ten pounds just to say you did? Do you want to be Greek just because? Probably not. There's something deeper at play, and that is your point of power and what this talk is about.

Based on Amber Krzys’ successful TEDx Talk, this session will open your eyes to the paradox of desire. How often we seek fulfillment “out there”, when really the best way to have anything you want is to start from within. What if you could have more confidence, freedom, and joy right now—without anything in your life changing on the outside? That's what you'll learn in this session.


To learn more, visit BodyHeart.

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