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Conference Keynotes

All Leadership is Social
KJ McNamara & Vince Fabra | @phiredup | Thursday Keynote

As we fall more in love with our cell phones and apps, our personal, human, face-to-face relationships are suffering. Yet, our ability to be more “social” and to connect deeply with others defines our fraternal experience and our ability to lead our brothers and sisters.

Social fraternities and sororities are perfectly designed and positioned to breed the world’s greatest “social” leaders. Fraternities and sororities need more "social" leaders now more than ever. “Social Excellence” is the most important factor leading to success in life, business, relationships - and fraternity and sorority. By embracing the social component of our organizations rather than downplaying it, fraternities and sororities can move beyond relevance and become deeply significant and valuable to our host institutions, local community, and to the world. Your ability to lead will be greatly defined by your ability

For more about KJ & Vince, visit PhiredUp.

Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for Fraternity and Sorority Leaders
James Robilotta | @JamesTRobo | Friday Keynote

Oh boy, another speech on leadership. Instead of waiting for the same cliché leadership lessons, it's time to be different. Let’s talk about who you are personally as a leader. As humans, we can’t learn things from people who are perfect, we can only learn things from people who are imperfect. So, it is time to own who you are so you can be real to others and lead through your faults.

This deep but hysterical keynote will leave you feeling introspective about the person you show to others. It will show you how being more authentic actually inspires open communication, forms tighter bonds, and causes members to be more present. We need to talk about you before we can talk about us, so let’s discuss where you struggle and succeed to make you a more efficient and effective authentic leader for your council and chapter.


For more about James, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

Because I Said I Would
Alex Sheen | @bcisaidiwould | Saturday Keynote

Alex Sheen is the Founder of because I said I would, the international social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex began sending promise cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. Since his father’s passing on September 4th, 2012, because I said I would has sent over 4.47M promise cards to over 150 countries. Alex’s commitment to the betterment of humanity has inspired millions around the world.

Alex’s work has been featured on CNN, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, NPR, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, CBS Nightly News and many other programs. He has been featured on the cover of Spirit Magazine, honored as a Steve Harvey “Harvey’s Hero” and was the closing TED speaker at TEDxUtica and TEDxYouth@Austin. Alex’s efforts in social media were featured in BuzzFeed’s “Most Important Viral Videos of 2013.” Alex’s posts have made the #1 spot on the front page of over 10 times.

To learn more about Alex, visit because I said I would.

But the Conference Must Bring About Consensus and Change...
Terrell Strayhorn | @tlstrayhorn

Every year, over 3,000+ people attend AFLV Central and AFLV West, making them two of the largest gatherings of professionals and students in fraternity/sorority life (FSL). Each conference consists of hundreds of educational sessions, speakers, and entertainers using over 100+ hours to address topics ranging from diversity to hazing, recruitment to leadership. But the purpose of a conference is more than glitter and #hashtags, conferences are intentional meetings of like-minded people designed to bring about consensus and change.

In this keynote, Dr. Strayhorn, a dynamic voice and thought leader, uses a blend of storytelling, singing, piano, data, and humor to challenge AFLV attendees to reach higher, promote belonging in FSL, #dogoodwork, and leave inspired to change their campus and, dare I say, the world!

To learn more, contact Terrell via email.

Featured Education & Entertainment

Dating, Relationships, Consent: 5 Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life (while totally sober)

Harlan Cohen | @HarlanCohen | Thursday Night Entertainment

We’re taught to read, we’re taught to write, but no one teaches us how to find a date while sober. Dating in college is Netflix, chill, and accidental hookups. We aren't good at open and honest communication. That’s where New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated advice columnist Harlan Cohen steps in. Harlan has cracked the code and will share the secret truth to dating, relationships, and consent. He will help you find love, make your relationships better, or find someone better (upgrade).

Harlan takes the best from his book, Getting Naked: Five Steps to Finding The Love of Your Life (While Fully Clothed and Totally Sober) and delivers a step-by-step approach to help you find what you want in love (and life). Harlan helps attendees set clear boundaries, be better listeners, and better communicators. Harlan will answer your questions via text message LIVE during this informative, educational, and comedic event.


For more information about Harlan, visit the Help Me, Harlan website.

Friday's Featured Speakers

Go Greek Isn't A Marketing Strategy
Matt Mattson | @PhiredUpMatt

"GO GREEK!" is not a marketing strategy. It's begging. It's shouting. It's demanding. It's selfish. We can do better. The fraternity/sorority industry has existed for over 200 years yet it enjoys less than a 10% market share of 4-year college students. We should be marketing like a Fortune 500 company, not a 4th grade bake sale. Sidewalk chalk and puffy paint ain’t gonna cut it any more.

It's time for a professional data-driven marketing strategy to sell our value as fraternal organizations to the best prospective members. Great marketing minds know how to do that. They know real human connection is at the center of all great marketing work. This very popular session is being delivered on campuses all across North America as a way to help today’s fraternity/sorority leaders re-take control of the story being told about Greek Life.


To learn more about Matt, visit Innova.

Building a Better Sense of Belonging: Greek Life and Mental Health
Ross Szabo | @rosseszabo

Mental health challenges can be a double-edged sword for fraternities and sororities. When handled incorrectly they can divide a chapter, create loneliness and disciplinary issues. When handled correctly, they can connect a chapter in a powerful way and provide support to all members. Studies show that members of Greek Life receive more emotional support than non-Greek students. It’s vital to harness that unique connection to enhance membership development and build the critical component of belonging to an organization.


For more about Ross, visit Human Power Project.

BACK STROKE: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think!
Kelsey Tainsh | @KelseyTainsh

Kelsey Tainsh has lived her life differently than she had planned, hoped for, or dreamed of. By age 13, she was a world champion Wakeboarder and featured on Entertainment Tonight. She spent time in LA acting in movies including “Rumor Has It” and TV shows such as “Gilmore Girls," and “Desperate Housewives.” At age 15, she experienced a life-changing stroke. Many of you have experienced a “stroke” that changed your life forever. How did you handle it? Did you feel like giving up? Did you feel like you were all alone and that your future held no promise?

During her riveting presentation, Kelsey teaches people to see their challenges and obstacles and those of others, as opportunities for greatness. One day, Kelsey decided to take her "hand out of her pocket," and it changed her life forever. She will challenge you, to "empty your pockets," embrace your differences and celebrate your normal!


For more about Kelsey, visit Metropolis Management.

Climbing Mountains
David Otunga | @DavidOtunga

Even as a little boy, David Otunga knew he wanted to become an entertainer. Despite being picked on relentlessly by his peers, David never compromised his dreams and goals. Following his graduation from Harvard Law School and becoming a lawyer at one of Chicago’s top law firms, David decided to take a leap of faith and follow his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. He turned his dreams into a reality, and became a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar and body builder.

By sharing his story and transformation from a regular kid into a worldwide celebrity, David inspires students to set huge goals and shares with them strategies to achieve them. David’s program pushes students to set lofty goals and prove to them that with hard work, determination, and perseverance, they can reach their dreams.


To learn more about David, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

The Safety Pillar
Lori Hart | @drlorihart

Just about any sorority or fraternity member has heard the term "The Pillars of Greek Life." When asked what the pillars represent, most members can easily rattle off the terms "brotherhood & sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service & philanthropy" and for the most part, we have communities and chapters excelling in these areas. But, in these same communities, we are also excelling in hazing, drug use, assault and high risk drinking. Perhaps in 2017, we need to re-frame this conversation. If we truly want to be brothers and sisters, we need to focus on a pillar of “safety” to ensure that all members, new members and guests are treated with dignity and respect and we keep each other safe because that is what real friendship is about and that is what being a good human being is truly about.


For more about Lori, visit The Catalyst Agency.

Greek Unity, Not My Chapter, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves
Annalise Sinclair | @annnnnnalise

Fraternity and sorority life tends to get a bad rap. From newsfeeds to newspaper pages and images on television media outlets, we are portrayed as being filled with hazing, alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and plain stupidity. Too often our members believe “that stuff” will never happen to us, or worse, it will only happen to another chapter or organization! This leads to a false sense of invincibility and poor decision making.

By exploring the myths (and realties) surrounding fraternities and sororities, Annalise opens the door for honest conversation regarding the future of our Greek communities and how individual members can impact on our organizations in a positive way. By moving beyond the stereotypes, myths, and assumptions, our members are able to more readily address the ‘big picture’ problems, thus leading to strong chapters and communities.


For more about Annalise, visit For College For Life.

FEARLESS Leadership – Conquering our Inner Fears to Lead Out-Front
Darryl Bellamy | @BellamyInspires

What’s the ONE thing holding you back from being the leader you want to become? After collecting and cataloging thousands of fears from around the country, Darryl has a grasp on the top fears holding you back from achieving your desired results. When he first started collecting the fears of students he was impressed by the vulnerability, self-awareness, and rawness of the students’ written fears. Darryl now uses that same research to help students overcome their top fears. Through a three-step formula, you will gain a clearer sense of your overall purpose and leave empowered to conquer your fears to propel you and your organization onwards.

For more about Darryl, visit Bellamy Inspires.

Saturday's Featured Speakers

Be a Dream Maker: Your Role in Making Fraternity and Sorority Life Great
Michelle Goubadia | @mgspeaksup

So, now that you’re in a fraternity or sorority, life is great, right? But have you ever stopped to consider how your role in your chapter is making it truly great? Or worse, could your behavior be destroying it? In her typical candid style, Michelle provides a wake-up call to those fraternity and sorority members who are coasting on their status or who are senselessly participating in destructive behavior, like hazing, abusive drinking, assault and poor academics.


For more about Michelle, visit The Catalyst Agency.


Creating The UNSTOPPABLE Leader!
Steve Birdine | @SteveBirdine

This transformational, inspirational, motivational, dynamic, real, open, honest, provocative, comedic, interactive and thought provoking workshop takes you "back to basics" while developing/nurturing the necessary skills needed to improve yourself, your organizations and the communities you serve.


To learn more about Steve, visit The Harbor Institute.

"College Broke" to Six Figures
Sharon Bui | @shabuii

In this program, you'll be introduced to Sharon’s story, extraordinary vision and tenacious passion for business success. You'll be able to identify entrepreneurial and leadership factors associated with your ability to accomplish tremendous goals. Sharon will also share her external and internal motivations which have led to the growth of Frill. After hearing Sharon's story, you'll be motivated to follow your passions and dreams.

For more about Sharon, visit For College For Life.

Do You Love Your #Selfie Too Much?
Lindsey Smith | @LindseySmithHHC

It has often been said that millennials are self-absorbed and narcissistic. And it’s no wonder considering we live in a time where over one million selfies are taken on a daily basis. One could easily assume all those selfies lead to inflated egos and narcissistic men and women. However, if selfies are at an all time high, why are 91% of women still unhappy with their bodies?

This program will help you understand the true differences between self-love and narcissism, while offering you tools that will help you to quit comparing yourself to everyone you follow on Instagram and instead learn to love your #selfie a little bit more everyday.


For more about Lindsey, visit The Catalyst Agency.

Be The Change You Wish To See: The Path to Social Entrepreneurship
Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky | @whatsupsmiley

Insightful and inspiring, Be The Change You Wish To See helps students incorporate social impact and personal meaning into their chapters, organizations, and activities on campus. Bestselling author Smiley Poswolsky shares the stories and lessons of young leaders who have started their own businesses as college students, raised thousands of dollars through crowdfunding campaigns, received venture capital funding and major press coverage, and gone on to work for successful mission-driven businesses and non-profits.

Smiley will discuss three simple steps to becoming a social entrepreneur and teach you how to surround yourself with a tribe of believers that can help you achieve your dreams (and make a positive difference in the world). The path to social entrepreneurship can help you become a better chapter leader, as well as an experienced changemaker and a leader in your community as you enter the job market after college.

To learn more about Smiley, visit CAMPUSPEAK.

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