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The National Black Greek Leadership Conference and the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference comprise the AFLV Central Conference. AFLV Central will be held February 6-9, 2014, in Indianapolis.

AFLV Central will feature joint workshops and presentations as well as a curriculum that will address specific issues facing the many councils within our fraternal communities. This is an exciting opportunity that will allow for inclusive programming and collaboration between campus administrators, national organizations, and students to address issues like risk management, intake, intra-council relationships, and liability issues.

History of NBGLC

NBGLC was created in 1986 as a means to give undergraduate members of Black Greek-Letter Organizations (BGLOs) the opportunity to network and dialogue on issues that face them on predominately white campuses. Robert N. Page, Jr., founded the conference on the campus of Central Missouri State University after attending Mid-American Interfraternity Council Association/Mid-American Panhellenic Council Association (MIFCA/MAPCA) in 1986, which became the MGCA Conference and is now the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference. "This is special because it is sort of a homecoming for the NBGLC as the impetus for this program came from the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference", said Mr. Page.

NBGLC has been the home to many of the leading consultants and speakers on NPHC issues such as Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Mr. Lawrence Ross, Ms. Jennifer Jones, Mr. Steve Birdine, Mr. Bryant Smith, Attorney Rasheed Ali Cromwell and many, many more. NBGLC believes in the mission and goals of the National Pan-Hellenic Council and supports this mission through its programming.

NBLGC is a registered trademark of the Association of Fraternal Leadership && Values.

The Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values is committed to excellence. Any grievance or complaint may be directed to any staff member of volunteer working on a particular program or event. Any staff member or volunteer who is unable to resolve a program participant’s complaint is expected to bring the problem to the attention of his or her supervisor or (if the supervisor is unavailable) another senior staff member. If the problem or concern is not resolved, we encourage you to bring it to the immediate attention of the Executive Director.

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